Magic of Time

you never know what is going on in someone's mind !

The thing that scares me and it might scare many others is that you never know what is going on in someone’s mind. What importance does your words make to someone or what are they up to?  what do they want from you ? why do they talk to you ? Are they just like the rest of people who took advantage of you or Are they different or they might be the same but they are acting and  trying to win your confidence but soon when you start to depend on them , you start trusting those strangers . you start thinking about them more often and when you realise that you have found the right person in your life ,  they show you their real face ,their face of evil and at that time you feel shattered again and all you want to do is die and be hard on yourself because it was your mistake you should not have trusted the stranger at the very first place  but no wait Maybe they are not what you think. Maybe they  gave you happiness and taught you the true meaning of love ,they made you feel special and gave you a reason to live.

You never know but you know one thing what you believe in you know what you are doing and you know you have this magical power which is your will power because of which you can achieve whatever you want no one can stop you from even building a castle  in the air.

If you put your positive thoughts in doing something you will get positive results .Some of people reading this may think oh wait what are you saying ? I never got any positive result i remember that ** but to those people you got positive result but you don’t know this Positivity just created a ripple of water in that big ocean but what are you trying to see is that what matters the ocean .the ripple or that stone ?

When you throw stones in water you see sometimes ,that stone creates ripple but at times your throw isn’t that hard so no ripples are created .Does it means no stone was thrown or you did not put any effort at least you tried !! .then what about the stone which you threw in ocean ? what about that effort well my friends that stone went under the ocean who knows how deep that stone will go and what will that stone do , what change it will make to that big ocean maybe it will help a fish to complete its house .. quite a thing to think but it is all in your mind . some people might be thinking about the ripple some might be seeing the big ocean and some might think about the stone.


it is all what you think , it is all in your mind . So friends try to think positive you don’t know when will all those positive results come back to you but they will surely make a difference and that difference will cost one thing that is your time .. So wait my dear don’t feel bad because you will soon see the Magic of time  🙂



Random Thoughts

             Your past is the reason what you are today !

People say forget your past I say don’t…. forgetting past means forgetting your identity it’s your passport to the new world …your past is the reason what you are today because of which you are standing here ,what you have become today it’s because of your past ..past teaches you everything it’s just like money can either make you bad by wasting it on some useless activities or it can make you good by spending it on good cause .. ..My past has made me “what i am today” it’s the reason behind my success ! your worst past can always lead you to success it is impossible that it can lead you to failure ……because it teaches you the true meaning of life it tells you about yourself .. it’s up to you how you perceive it , either in a good way to learn something or in a bad way to destroy yourself .


Try to find light in the dark ,even if there is no light just imagine that you see one  because it’s imagination and believe that makes blind people see the real beauty what we don’t see  BECAUSE who knows what they see !